Finding Wychwood

Finding Wychwood is my first Regency Romance manuscript. I am currently seeking agent representation, which can be a tedious and soul-crushing process. Below is the blurb for the manuscript. If you are not familiar with what a ‘blurb’ is, then remove the word ‘blurb’ and insert ‘intriguing summary’. If you are familiar the word, then I am truly sorry.

This story won second place in both the 2017 Ignite the Flame contest and 2017 Best Banter contest.


Finding Wychwood

When gregarious Andrew and haughty Judith meet in disguise at a masquerade ball, mayhem ensues. Initial attraction quickly devolves into a sharp battle of wits and a highly public clash that sends the two apart in humiliation without learning one another’s identity. Afterwards, life events conspire to shatter Andrew and Judith’s well-maintained facades. The horror of war and an unforgivable act leave Andrew wracked with guilt, while Judith’s cousin visits tragedy on her family and trauma on her spirit through an attempt to obtain the rights to her father’s barony.

When Judith hides from her cousin by taking refuge at the country estate of the Earl of Wychwood while masquerading as a domestic servant, she learns too late that her employer is the maddening man from the masquerade ball. Judith’s attempt at anonymity fails as a relationship slowly grows between her and the unsuspecting Andrew – not with a flash of fire and passion, but rather a mutual recognition by wounded souls of one another’s hurt.  As the two engage in an intricate dance of secrecy, probing, and awakening feelings, questions plague the budding rapport. What action did Andrew take in France that left him so broken by guilt? Will Judith’s cousin succeed in completing her destruction? Can the two move past secrecy and master-servant impropriety to learn the truth of one another’s pasts?

Beneath the arc of unraveling intrigue, Finding Wychwood is a proper Regency era love story about the errancy of false impressions, the humility of self-sacrifice, and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds.

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