Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game is my second Regency Romance manuscript. I am currently seeking agent representation. Below is the blurb for the manuscript.

This story won second place in the 2017 Windy City RWA Four Seasons contest.


Rules of the Game

After a robbery gone bad kills her father, Lucy is raised by a dapper highwayman in remote Dartmoor. Henry is the disinherited second son of an earl relegated to chasing highwaymen with the Bow Street Horse Patrol. When a spectacular heist throws them together, the open animosity between the two causes sparks to fly.

When Henry learns that Lucy is the missing granddaughter of a duchess, rather than sending her to the gallows, he returns her to the grandmother. There, Henry learns that to save the dukedom, Lucy must marry a suitor with a royally-bestowed title within three months. The duchess presses a reluctant Henry into the role of preparing Lucy for the position. As the education in high society progresses, Lucy and Henry spar in an epic battle of wills that slowly melts the ice between them.

The burgeoning relationship, though, faces mammoth obstacles. How can Lucy choose between crushing the duchess and choosing Henry? Will the authorities learn of her unintended role in the heist that would send her to the gallows? And how will she ever measure up to a society for which she is wholly unprepared?

An unsolvable dilemma, a smoldering love story, and relentless banter drive Rules of the Game to an exciting and twist-filled conclusion.

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